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Eyerait is a man of many talents, but a dick at all of them. Over the years, he’s been many things: garbage collector, line cook, lawn care specialist, homeless, sales rep, father, soldier, and EMT.  Currently, he has tricked his employer into paying him for web and database development. On the side, he writes and makes films, but nothing you might have seen. And for that, he hates you. For hobbies, he has severe ADHD, a mild touch of OCD, and likes long walks in the park.

It is this eclectic life experience that he uses to come to snap judgments on everything. And he is right 99.9% of the time. Don’t believe that? Ask him. He’ll tell you.

This  blog is about whatever the hell comes to mind.  It may or may not include any of the above items, pervasive language, brief nudity, and/or strong, stylized violence.

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